Aeolus Notification System(2014) Joel Ong :

A project that harvests real time wind data and sends the visitor an SMS everytime the wind blows in the direction of their desired destination.  Python, Supercollider and Processing.  The picture shows the resultant database of lines drawn from the gallery position to each visitor’s destination. It represents an experimental cartography of desire.



AeolusDatabase_Sept6 Aeolus_Installation view




Those Who Observe the Wind(2015) Joel Ong:

A project that creates a metaphor for the behaviour of natural elements through Aeolian boxes that respond to real time wind data.  Data sonification and Mechatronic elements controlled through Supercollider/arduino







#Home(2015) Joel Ong:

A project that searches for live twitter messages matching a visitor’s personal descriptions of home, and creates a 3D printed city to show how intimate memories can now be shared globally.   (visualization in processing, database collection in python, 3D design in Rhino, overall control through Command Line in Supercollider)








Sombrer: An Imaginary city #lost and #found (2015) Joel Ong:

An audio visual installation that collects filtered Twitter feeds to create the architectural of an imaginary sunken city. These feeds also aggregate to create daily, synthetic tidal charts that control an ebb and flow soundscape in the gallery.








Bird Song Diamond (2015) Joel Ong (as part of the ArtSci Collective):

An NSF funded artscience venture that studies and presents research into birdsongs and avian communication.  As part of a team of artists, Joel’s role was in designing the spatial soundscape and the interactive call-response segments.  Project utilizes Open Frameworks and Supercollider in OSC communication.







Spatial Measure(2014) Joel Ong:

In this project, i attempt to ‘measure’ the qualities of connectivity within the space, by creating a call/response type dialogue system between 2 technological entities.  A speech recognition algorithm listens to a live radio feed and subsequently pulls up youtube videos related to words the computer hears.  The soundscape is made through spatialization of the various youtube videos, recording them and manipulating them through SuperCollider.  The work continually evolves towards certain “found words” because of deficiencies in the speech recognition system, its’ internal logic creating an internal system of feedback that seemingly evokes a site-specific memory.








Nanovibrancy (2011) Joel Ong:


Nanovibrancy (2011) was undertaken at SymbioticA, the Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts at the University of Western Australia.  It was held at the John Curtin Gallery at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia in July 2011.  In it, a silk eardrum is probed in real time with an atomic force microscope – its surface vibrations are recorded and amplified as a multi-channel sound installation.  In so doing, the project decentralises the scientific gaze from occularcentric to somatic and multimodal; and reduces the act of listening from human-scale to the conductive resonance of atomic vibrations.  Nanovibrancy features a mix of wet biological science, empirical physical data processing and the aesthetics of a site-specific sound installation.


The first image represents the question “What would the ear drum sound like if we were small enough to stand up on it”; the second image is the installation-performance work at the John Curtin Gallery



cropped-eardrumman1.jpgNanovibrancy Installation View











Forced Intimacy and the Post-Immersive Soundscape (2015) Joel Ong:


A research project into spatial sound and the post-immersive soundscape constructed through highly directional parametric speakers. This project explores the poetics of spatial, sonic representations in the computational flow of datasets, fundamentally using the flow of bodies, and of movements and breath as a chaotic interference or disruption to the systems in place.











Wagon (2012) Joel Ong:


Wagon was a sound installation presented first at the Substation Gallery in Singapore in 2012.  It features a 6 channel surround sound composition of resonant frequencies of the space and 3 kinetic sculptures that interact and feedback with the soundscape.




wagon day05wagon day04