Post-immersive (Parametric) soundscapes


A research project into spatial sound and the post-immersive soundscape constructed through arrays of highly directional parametric speakers that allow perceptual hyper-localization of sound sources.   These parametric speakers are mobilized through a custom designed pan-tilt mount.

Experiments done as part of this research project  include:

  • the poetics of spatial, sonic representations in the computational flow of datasets, fundamentally using the flow of bodies, and of movements and breath as a chaotic interference or disruption to the systems in place.
  • Multi-channel arrays to invigorate spaces/habitats with sounds of invisible sources, alluding to disappearing sounds, ecosystems, biodiversity etc.

at the Jack Straw New Media Center in March 2015, utilizing breath as the sonic archetype for intimacy. Network data is revealed through the pitch and intensity of breaths that are ‘breathed’ into the gallery. These generate echo responses in real space, just as the packets they represent are pinged through a digital, illusionary space.

As part of the BirdsongDiamond project, this portion utilizes head-mounted parametric speakers for wayfinding through echolocation.