sounding body (2010)

DSC05946You can’t have a window without a wall.  To conceive of passage from one space to another, it is first necessary to imagine what stands between them.

Seth Kim-Cohen 2009 p213


The project Sounding Body was presented as part of the artist’s current engagement with sound in the life sciences.  It was performed on the night of 19 June 2010, along with other performances by Tasmanian sound artist Matt Warren, and Perth based composers Cat Hope and Lindsey Vickery at the Kurongkurl Katitjin gallery in Edith Cowan University.  In it, a bare white wall was placed flushed against the walls of the gallery, its understated positioning accentuated by dim lighting.  Speakers were attached to the wall and visitors were invited to put on stethoscopes to explore the sounds that were being transmitted and filtered through the wooden panels.  The piece ran for approximately 30minutes and featured long drones mixed into the acoustic body, as well as a section of feedback through 6 attached piezo contact microphones.

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16 speakers were connected in 4 sets to an MDF board and secured.
4 different soundscapes were piped into each set composed live and with an emphasis on immersive, textural soundscapes
Stethoscopes were placed at the installation venue for listeners to use and move across the wall


Sound clips:

open each of these in a new tab and play simultaneously

Suspension 1
Suspension 2
Suspension 3