Group exhibition at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery in the School of Art (University of Washington)

windward2 Windward (2014- current)
Weather Station, Real Time Wind Data


Windward is an ongoing project that looks at the way the experience of our natural environment is mediated through computational technologies. In particular this series is interested in the way directionality of the elements trace imaginary pathways from which we have come, establishing an emotionally affective connection to our past, present and future.

In this iteration, a site specific installation is set up outside the NorthWest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma where over 1500 undocumented migrants are held and are faced with the threat of deportation – each of the arrows in the sand represent the directions of 102 countries from which they have come from. By orienting ourselves in the right direction, memories, thoughts and hopeful futures can be metaphorically projected.

Other works in this series include the Aeolus Notification System (2015), #home (2015) and Those Who Observe the Wind (2015).



betweenusabreezeBetween Us A Breeze (2016)
Visitation booth, reflecting pool, breath

Between Us a Breeze aims to create an experience of shared space between 2 conversationalists. In this piece the physical space between 2 booths is extended, and breath taken as a form of collaborative activity stretching currents across the face of a reflecting pool.   It directly references visitation booths in such facilities as the NWDC – the context is amplified through field recordings that are played through iconic telephone headsets. These recordings are of marches organized by the NWDC Resistance Movement and individuals who advocate for the welfare of inmates.



windwordWindword (2016)
DC fans, surround sound

Windword is a piece that directly composes the movements and flux of the wind. It is inspired by human migration patterns and aims to reveal voices as narratives carried by the a physical wind.




DXARTS, Scott and team at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery,

World Relief Seattle, Resistencia al NWDC