Terra et Sonus (2018)

Sculpting a Cloud (2018). Kittredge Gallery. University of Puget Sound.

Multi-modal Installation highlighting research done as resident artist at the Coalesce Centre for Biological Art in microbiology at the interstitial ecologies of soil and wind. Also features collaboration with the Guttman Lab (University of Toronto).

Works Shown:

• Mound (for Hans Haacke) : Condensation cube of cloud microbe Pseudomonas syrinage genetically modified to include the phrase “et venti et terra” (between the wind and the ground) in its genome.

• Sculpting a Cloud : ice-nucleation activity of bacteria is simulated with parametric speakers tracing lines across the space as a digital version of a cloud is created in real time.

Installation view


Wet Lab processes at the Guttman Lab (University of Toronto)

Bench testing of P. syringae induced ice nucleation

Arabidopsis Thaliana