voices beyond this walls (2011)



Originally purposed as a lunatic asylum in the 19th Century, it was built in 1861 by Colonel Henderson, and since then has been used as a old women’s home; a temporary barracks for the American Navy; a technical school and now a museum and arts centre.  The story of the Fremantle Arts Centre has been one of survival, not only because its inhabitants were always en route in escape from death or disease, but also because it has survived multiple threats of demolition in its history.


Voices beyond these Walls’ is a sound performance developed in a week long residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre.  This performance was presented as a double -bill with electroacoustic musician Kynan Tan.  His work can be found here





Voice Beyond These Walls was performed with live analog and digital synthesis.  It featured oral field recordings taken from interviews of Fremantle residents in the 1950s processed through tape units (Roland RE201, Rank Arena RA305),  old vintage records including those found in the Fremantle library, field recordings.  A pair of microphones were faced out into the open space to feedback the natural acoustics of the room.  There is also a segment of electric guitar work and processed sounds from a no-input mixer.  These sounds were manipulated on the fly in Ableton Live.

Sound Clips:

VBTW Excerpt_Dr Nicholas Langley
VBTW Excerpt_Restoration